The Retaliator

Nature’s little helpers pack a punch full of anti-oxidants in this nutrient dense, multi-functional creation.  An all-in-one super-enhanced detoxifier, powerful immune booster and potent age-defiant rebel.

Where do we begin………….this is the most powerful natural anti-oxidant product in the world today.  Strong claim, but we mean it. For every four capsules there is a total 20- 22,000 H-Orac (anti-oxidants) which is way above any other product – is incredible and perfectly safe to consume with amazing results and benefits.

Why are anti-oxidants needed today?

Anti-oxidants can be defined as substances that can reduce or stabilize free radicals.  Excess free radicals in the body can contribute to what is known as oxidative stress which has been linked to a number of what know as ‘lifestyle diseases’.  These include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and even strokes, tuberculosis and chronic diarrhea.  Not to mention the appearance of accelerated old age.

Anti-oxidants have been proven to have the capacity to prevent cell damage brought on by oxidative stress and the good news, is that these miracle workers can be found in natural plant materials.  The ingredients we use in our Go-Figure products, to be precise.

Because of our lifestyles which include; diets that do not include enough fruit and vegetables and unprocessed cereals and grains; lack of exercise and the pressure to perform at work, play and home – constantly, our bodies are more susceptible to free radicals.  Our bodies often lack the capability to deal with these invaders and the result is illness and disease.

The Go-Figure Retaliator is just that – it fights back, giving you the opportunity to live the life you want.

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