Nuts and Bolts

The science behind our products – The key to Go-Figure Health is ‘actives’
Active molecules are the extracts from organic plant material that are incorporated into carrier mechanisms such as creams, gels, serums, liquids and even foodstuffs. They are part of the multi-trillion dollar nutriceutical, cosmoceutical, pharmaceutical and functional foods markets.

Sadly, these ‘actives’ are generally extracted using a variety of means that often include harmful heat and chemicals which change the nature of these ‘active molecules’. This renders them less than useful and certainly doesn’t provide the quantities the body needs to make a difference. We have even tested products in our labs that contain none of the active ingredients claimed on the label or the original certificate of analysis – this is fraudulent but sadly prevalent.

Enter Go-Figure…………Go-Figure Health is backed by the world leading science and technology of Green Cell Technologies (GCT). Not only have they developed the worlds first plant extraction process that has no need for harmful heat or chemicals, they are one of the only companies operating in Africa to have a legitimate Bio-Prospecting and Export license. They also fully support the Bio-farming Act of South Africa where they are headquartered as well as local farmers across the African continent

For the first time, there is now a range of radical wellbeing solutions that uses the highest and purest “active” ingredients. For real – Go-Figure.

GCT works in tandem with Dynamic Extractions and Formulations (DEF) who have licensed their patented technology, which now produces 100% of the Go-Figure range. DEF extracts these ‘actives’ and stabilizes them, making them 99.9994% bio-available. This means the body can actually process them as the cell membrane around the active molecule has been removed.

The ‘active’ ingredients in our products are therefore pure. They are most importantly, in compliance with the science (where available). So if the scientific trials say that the body needs X to make Y happen, we provide it.

We have designed our products with today’s hectic lifestyle issues in mind. They target a host of common wellbeing troubles such as flagging energy, insomnia, stress, bad eating habits, poor diet, and weight problems for adults and kids.

So armed with the knowledge of what to look for, you are now ready to make the change and experience the active ingredients for life.