The Oxygenator

This is an O2 Oxygen pill containing the worlds most scientifically advanced formulation to promote the absorption of iron and the chelation of minerals in the body.  It is ideal for menstruating women, is 100% safe in pregnancy for fetal development and is especially useful for athletes and anyone even remotely anemic.

More than that, because of the environmental and emotional stress we place our bodies under each and every day, The oxygenator is an ideal daily supplement to keep our blood cells performing to their optimum.

The Oxygenator contains 150mg of Ferrochel AAC  which is 260% safer than any other iron salt supplement on the market today; 1000mcg of Folic acid (500% RDA) and 25mcg of Vitamin B12 (250% RDA), which promote optimum red blood cell health and oxygen carrying capacity and boosts hemoglobin levels. It is then combined with DCD Chavicine Piperine for easy absorption and you can see why this deserves its reputation as  a Superhero.

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