Flaming Phat

A scientifically formulated blend of gentle and effective natural thermo-nutrients to get your fat burning and your centimeters shrinking, so you can look your Phatabulous best!

Flaming Phat contains a variety of DCD extracted natural ingredients to boost your metabolism, the healthy way. We have included extracts of Green Tea, Cloves, Ginger and Cinnamon containing the requisite amount of standardized polyphenols which have also been blended with DCD extracts of Chavicine Piperine to aid absorption into the blood stream. This produces results – fast.

Why this combination?

Well, that is what we at Go-Figure and our partners at Dynamic Extracts and Formulations excel in. Researching evidence based science to formulate the best natural active products on the market today. Because they are natural and we have used the amount of active ingredients that the science say is effective, in our products, Go-Figure works.

Green Tea is clinically proven to be associated with beneficial health effects mainly because of its body fat reducing (particularly visceral-fat) and hypocholesterolemic activities. Simply put, because we generally eat a western diet comprised of high animal fat and low fibre intake with little fruit and vegetables, we are prone to high blood pressure, obesity and then cardiovascular irregularities.

Green Tea extract in the correct dosages, has been shown to significantly aid weight loss which then reduces negative health problems. Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidant polyphenolic flavanoids that possess various pharmacologic effects without the negative side effects like nausea and vomiting (often found in chemical based weight-loss products).

Ginger has long been used in the East as a medicine for a variety of ills but has now been proven to be an effective inhibitory potential for the improvement of Type 2 Diabetes and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that also reduces oxidative stress.

Cinnamon and Cloves too, is a bioactive compound that has been linked to regulating glucose transportation and insulin-signaling genes in the body.

When all this is combined in one capsule together with the other ingredients that make-up Go-Figure Flaming Phat, the body’s blood sugar levels are stabilized which promotes homeostasis and weight-loss.

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