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Go-Figure is the online home and e-tail gateway to a brand new way of approaching lifestyle management. We have achieved this through the development of a range of the most scientifically advanced health supplements and products.

Bald statement?  Yes, but we are more than happy to stand by this.  Our development partners, Green Cell Technologies and Dynamic Extractions and Formulations, are recognized as world leaders in the extraction of active molecules from organic plant material.  Together we have designed the worlds first HONEST supplement range – what we say on the label, is actually in the bottle.

But even better than this, is the fact that we have incorporated the right level of ‘active’ molecules in accordance with what the science says.  What this means for example, is that if the science has proven that 22,000 anti-oxidants are needed per day to combat oxidative stress, that’s what we provide.  And you don’t need to buy hundreds of bottles to get it.  Just four of our Go-Figure The Retaliator capsules will do it.  The same goes for every single Go-Figure product.

Research recently conducted in the USA showed that 9 out of 10 products currently available in the market – at your local pharmacy, supermarket or tea party – just don’t cut it.  This is true of health supplements around the world. They do not carry the correct amount of active content and that’s even if they contain any of it at all.

Our objective is not to trash other brands, but to educate you about the supplementation market and what is good for you and why.  That’s why on our e-tail site, each and every product has a full description with ingredients and what they do and the benefit for you. The site also contains a host of information on the science – we have also included links through to the Dynamic Extractions and Formulations website where you can review the clinical studies – Go-Figure provides more for less.

But, like any new baby, we will be taking it slow so we get the right building blocks in place to ensure we grow into the healthiest mature company we can possibly be.  This is where you come in. Go-Figure wants to hear from you – we welcome your feedback and interaction.

A healthy outside starts with the inside (Robert Urich)


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