Stressed and Anxious? Natural solutions to the rescue!

stressedForgotten what it’s like to have a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed and ready for the say ahead?  Well, you are not alone………’s an increasing problem around the world, no matter what age you are.

Even school children are stressed out these days – whether it’s academic pressure,  environmental (if you are living in South Africa where we are constantly exposed to trauma and violence, we are all living with post traumatic stress disorder to a varying degree) – our kids have by and large forgotten what it is to be a child – to learn through play and fun and therefore release their stresses through enjoyable physical activity.

As adults we are slaves to the corporate treadmill and the economic grist of providing for our families, or even just for ourselves.

Sometimes, it just gets too big on us and stress and its attendant anxieties pervade.

Chemically produced drugs – anti-depressants, sleeping pills and the like are great – for the short term, but they have nasty little side effects like dependency for example not to mention the fact they cost the earth.  Also, these chemical ‘medicines’, although based on nature, are synthesized and with that comes a whole host of other little spin offs.

So…why not try a real natural remedy that has been proven over thousands of years to have great beneficial effects with none of the chemically made problems – LAID BACK LARRY- that will not leave you feeling like a zombie but more like the real you.

Containing 5HTP extract from the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant and Sceletium extracts, LBL is a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and depression.  Although not a sleeping agent as such, it puts the mind (and body) into a relaxed state aiding a good nights rest.

During exam times, I even give it to my ADD and ADHD kids in the morning to help them with their concentration at school and college as well as at night before they go to sleep. Seems to be doing the trick, but I’ll leave it to you to find out for yourselves.

Check out the ingredients page on the shop for more details.

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