Natural Anti-Aging that Works!


Am really proud to announce that our RETALIATOR product has been through clinical trials and has been hailed as a medicine in Eastern Europe with more markets to follow suit.

There are so many so called ‘anti-aging’ products out there but by and large they will contain chemicals or be synthetically reproduced and generally speaking, the level of ;active’ ingredients included, is negligible.  I know I sound cynical when I say this, but having analysed a whole load of market leading products at various independent labs over the years, I know this to be true.

Sometimes, there is more goodness in the cardboard packaging than in the product itself!

THE RETALIATOR works because it contains the daily requirement of anti-oxidants our bodies need.  A couple of years ago, the Cape Peninsular University under the very clever Professor Janine Marnevick, published a peer reviewed study on just how many anti-oxidants we need.  20,000 – 22,000 per day over the day!

Only a couple of years before that, the USDA declared that we only needed 3,500 – 5,000 anti-oxidants (or ORACS as they are called).  This is a MAJOR increase in such a short period of time.

Stress, the rubbish we put into our mouths that masquerades as food, drinks including alcohol, smoking, chemical based medicines as well as environmental pollution all contribute to how fast and how much we age.  But the one thing you probably hadn’t thought about is the OXYGEN we breathe.

Yes, that’s right – breathing makes us old.

Have you noticed female runners (particularly of a certain age) who look drawn and haggard but skinny?  They are pumping TOO much oxygen around their bodies without counteracting the oxidation.

There are a number of foods out there that contain anti-oxidants but the problem is that our bodies don’t always break open the plant cells to release enough of them.

So……………along came Go-Figure and by using the DCD process, we are able to open up all the necessary cells from the plants and include the RIGHT amount of ACTIVES in our products.

By detoxing the body and eating/consuming enough to fight off the free radicals, you can assist in preventing premature aging but do remember that there is also a genetic link to your looks and aging process as well as how much you respect your body and what you do to it and most importantly, your ATTITUDE!


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