Appetite Manager

The Go-Figure Appetite Manager works in several different yet contradictory ways which really makes this a product in a class of its own!

1.         If you have been used to eating a quick breakfast on the move and then starving your body throughout the day before hunkering down at night to a meal of some description, the Go-Figure Appetite Manager will stimulate your appetite and make you hungry – this is GOOD.

Your body NEEDS fuel to get it through the day.  Your body NEEDS to have a balanced blood sugar level in order to promote weight loss. Eating a number of small and balanced meals is key to the success of any weight loss programme and healthy lifestyle.

2.         If you are used to snacking all through the day and most likely on all the incorrect foods, chocolate, crisps, chips, bread, bread and more bread, then the Go-Figure Appetite Manager will assist in managing your appetite so you can avoid the constant snacking.   A regular course of the Go-Figure Appetite Manager has been shown to reduce the cravings and lead to weightloss.

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